Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet-Filigree

$ 175.00

Brand: Ammo Wear

Product Description

Grace your wrist with this stunning sterling silver cuff and you will get tons of ooohs and ahhhs as your friends admire and drool over your bracelet. The gold-like finish of the contrasting brass 45 Colt casing stands out and compliments the polished silver cuff. Choose your favorite Swarovski crystal and you'll be all set to start hearing "Oh, I want one!"

This amazing sterling silver filigree cuff is not what people imagine in their minds when they think of bullet jewelry. Our sterling line transcends the competition in uniqueness and quality by introducing items no others carry. Insist on genuine Ammo Wear Bullet Jewelry.

Casings come in assorted headstamps and are selected at time of assembly. If a specific headstamp is requested we will try to accommodate your request.

Polishing cloth included to keep your bracelet looking shiny and new.

All Ammo Wear bullet jewelry is handcrafted in America and unconditionally guaranteed.

NOTE: Because these bracelets are made to order it may take as long as 4-8 days before it ships.