Stainless Steel Ring Women's Caliber 380 Size 8-10

$ 75.00

Brand: Ammo Wear

Product Description

This ring is cowgirl tuff enough to wear on the ranch, yet pretty enough to wear to dinner. Made from medical grade 316L Stainless steel it's both beautiful and durable. Wear this ring and the compliments will soon start flying your way.

The bullet casing on this ring is soldered on, not epoxied and will never fall off. Solder is a jeweler's lead free solder. Your ring will arrive polished to a high luster. The extra steps we take to solder, buff and polish our ammo jewelry is what separates Ammo Wear Bullet Jewelry from the others. 

Available in sizes 8-10. Comes with polishing cloth. 

Rings come in assorted headstamps and are chosen by availibility at time of shipment. If a specific headstamp is requested we will try to accommodate your request.

All Ammo Wear jewelry is handcrafted in America and UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED.

NOTE: These rings are made to order and usually ship within 4-8 business days.