Sterling Silver Ring Men's 500 S&W

$ 165.00

Brand: AmmoWear

Product Description

Nothing says Badass like a 500 Smith & Wesson magnum handgun. Except maybe a 500 S&W ring. The largest and most powerful production handgun in the world deserves a ring worthy to bear it's name. Made with the head of a spent 500 S&W casing and solid sterling silver this ring has got badass written all over it. Polished to a high gloss shine any man would be proud to wear this ring. Primer hole is set with a Swarovski clear or black diamond crystal.

Available in sizes 9 - 13 in half size increments. Keep in mind the wider band and large head will cause a tighter fit than a narrow band. Rule of thumb is to order a 1/2 size larger than a narrow band. If you're unsure of your ring size we recommend getting measured by a jeweler prior to ordering.

The bullet casing on this ring is soldered on, not epoxied and will never fall off. Solder is a jeweler's lead free solder. Your ring will arrive polished to a high luster. The extra steps we take to solder, buff and polish our sterling silver ammo jewelry is what separates Ammo Wear Jewelry from the others. 

A polishing cloth is included.

Rings come in assorted headstamps and are chosen by availibility at time of shipment. If a specific headstamp is requested we will try to accommodate your request.

All Ammo Wear jewelry is handcrafted in America and UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED.

NOTE: These rings are made to order and usually ship within 4-12 business days.