Stainless Steel Ring Women's Caliber 223 Size 8-10

$ 75.00

Brand: Ammo Wear

Product Description


A Tough Bullet Ring for Any Badass Ammo Girl


  • Every piece is made with a genuine bullet casing
  • Ammo brand headstamps on request for every bullet ring, based on availability
  • Comes with a polishing cloth to keep your bullet casing jewelry shiny

Want a ring that is as tough as you? This is the bullet ring that you are looking for! Show your tough side with this bullet ring that is soldered together so that it will last every day while out on the ranch, but also pretty and shiny enough to wear out on a date or to that big event. We polish every ring so that it will arrive in the highest luster. Get a ring that fits you: A beautiful Ammo Girl tough enough to take care of herself and whatever comes her way.

  • Hand-made
  • Unconditionally guaranteed
  • Ships within 4-8 business days
  • Made in the U.S.A.