Our Story

Growing up in my dad's lawnmower shop, we often made our own tools and parts. It was in that shop that I learned how to use hand and power tools. I no longer repair mowers, but I still enjoy creating things and making people smile.

I got started making bullet casing jewelry because I wanted to share an interest with my wife who makes beaded jewelry. When I came up with the idea for Ammo Wear we knew it was a perfect fit: I could create something unique and interesting, and my wife and I could do it together. Now, Patricia and I are creating smiles together as we introduce Ammo Wear everywhere we go!

Handcrafted in America + 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I started out making all Ammo Wear’s bullet casing jewelry myself, cutting and assembling everything by hand. My first bullet earrings were made from 45 ACP casings I saved after shooting my grandfather’s Colt Model 1917 revolver that he used in France during WWI. Check it out, the 9 notches on the bottom of the grip.

Colt Model 1917

How do we do it?

All Ammo-Wear bullet casing jewelry is made from spent (used) casings. Primers are removed, and the casings and primers are thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all carbon and powder residue. The casing head (bottom) is cut off, sanded and tumbled to remove all sharp edges before assembly. The birthstones used to add bling are all Swarovski crystals. When complete, each piece of our bullet casing jewelry is then polished, and any leftover scrap is recycled.

Does your jewelry make a statement?

Wherever we go, Ammo Wear is well received with smiles and compliments for its quality and it's uniqueness: “Jewelry with an attitude,” “bullet bling,” “awesome,” “unique,” “edgy,” “cool,” “tight,” “sick," "bad ass," these are all adjectives we’ve heard when people see our jewelry. Occasionally we hear, “I don’t like guns,” but those comments are few and far in between.

There is no doubt you too will get tons of compliments on your Ammo Wear bullet casing jewelry wherever you go, and yes, your girlfriends will be jealous. As you can see we have a variety of pieces to choose from, so we're confident that at least one of them will make you smile. Guys, that’s a hint, your special lady will love a pair of Ammo Wear bullet stud earrings, a pendant or bracelet.

Inside Every Woman is an Ammo Girl

Whether you’re a cowgirl, biker chick, GI Jane or an everyday Jane, we believe that inside every woman is an Ammo Girl no matter her age: Our youngest Ammo Girl (that we know) is 10 and the oldest is 90-years-young!

Take a peek at some of the photos on our FB Page: www.facebook.com/ammowear!