About Us

We believe that inside every women is an Ammo-Girl.

Since 2009, Ammo Wear has been on a mission to help every woman find and embrace her inner Ammo-Girl. Traveling from show to show, state to state, and reaching the world via the internet, we have been helping women do just that.

Some have known for years their Ammo Girl laid deep within. But others, not knowing they even have an inner Ammo-Girl, have found it only after discovering and experiencing Ammo Wear’s bullet casing jewelry. They put on their bullet stud earrings, and bullet rings, look in a mirror and their face lights up as they twist their head back and forth admiring how good they look in their Ammo Wear.

Then, their inner Ammo-Girl begins to emerge. Having found her they stand a little taller, walk a little faster and their confident gait says it all: Yeah, they know. They know Ammo-Girls are confident, sexy and just a little bad ass.

Can jewelry really do all that? We believe so.

Ammo Wear is passionate about quality, the 2nd Amendment, freedom, God, country, and you.

"Because Inside Every Woman is an Ammo-Girl!"