380 Wrap Around Leaf Ring

$ 42.00

Brand: Ammo Wear

Product Description

This cute little sterling silver wrap around ring is a lotta bang for just a few little bucks. The 380 auto casing sitting inside the pretty bezel can be dressed up with your birthstone, that of a loved one or even black diamond.

Ladies if your man is wrapped around your little finger tell him you need this ring. That way if he ever needs a reminder that, yes, you do have him wrapped around your little finger just wave that little finger and ring in front of him and you'll have his attention.

Size can easily be adjusted from size 6 to size 10. Comes adjusted to size 7. Polishing cloth included.

Rings come in assorted headstamps and are chosen at random at time of shipment. If a specific headstamp is requested we will try to accommodate your request.

All Ammo Wear jewelry is handcrafted in America and unconditionally guaranteed.

NOTE: Each item is made to order and usually ships within 1-5 business days.