Men's Cufflinks

$ 35.00

Brand: AmmoWear

Product Description

Dress Up For That Big Event With Ammo Wear’s Bullet Casing Cufflinks


  • Cufflinks made with genuine bullet ammo casings.
  • Customize your cufflinks with bullet casing size of your choosing.
  • Ammo brand headstamps on request for every pair of bullet stud earring, based on availability.
  • Each pair comes with a polishing cloth to keep them looking bright and shiny.


Our bullet casing cufflinks, part of Ammo Wear’s bullet casing jewelry line for men, are a perfect addition to your next black tie event engagement! Made with genuine bullet casings, these brass casings come in gold, nickel, and silver finishes. Show your love for the 2nd Amendment and the great U.S.A. with these classy additions. Keep these bad boys clean with an included polishing cloth! Combine these with a bullet casing tie tack and lapel pin for a high caliber look.


  • Sizes available: 45 Auto, 308
  • Metal Colors available: gold, silver
  • Genuine brass ammo.
  • Unconditionally Guaranteed Quality
  • Ships within 2-6 business days
  • Made in the U.S.A.