Ammo Wear’s Bullet Casing Jewelry and Holiday Gifts: One Stop Shop!

Ammo Wear is your one-stop shop for all your Christmas gift shopping. We have bullet casing jewelry for every member of the family! But why buy Ammo Wear for your loved ones this Christmas?

Something For Everyone

Have trouble finding something for everyone for the holiday gift-giving? Buy Ammo Wear’s bullet casing jewelry for your special someones! We have something for every person in your family, even those who are the most difficult to buy for. We carry simple bullet casing earrings that can be customized with a Swarovski crystal birthstone: Maybe buy your sisters who always compare their gifts, matching earrings, but set with their own birthstone. Struggling to find that gift for dad? Ammo Wear also has bullet casing jewelry for men! We make high-quality cufflinks and men's style rings and necklaces!


Ammo Wear pieces are high-quality, beautiful jewelry pieces that won’t break on you and if they do, we offer an unconditional guarantee on all jewelry. We believe in our quality! Why buy something less special for those people who are the most special to you? For many, gifts like these become special everyday pieces that remind them of those most special in their lives. Also, all of our pieces are hand-crafted and made in America!


Not only do you want to give that special someone a high-quality piece, you also want to give them something unique. Ammo wear is not sold in any department store and can only be found online and at a few special events nationwide. Each piece of bullet casing jewelry we make is handcrafted and unique, and customizable with a Swarovski crystal! Buy something unique for those who are most special in your life this Christmas! And help them channel their inner sexy, confident, badass Ammo Girl!

Free Shipping!

We offer free shipping on all orders! Not only will you be able to get all your shopping done in one place, you will have bought your special family and friends a high-quality unique piece of bullet casing jewelry, and will have spent less money altogether! Live outside the US? You still get a great deal on shipping, only paying $10 per order!

Support for Freedom

Lastly, you should buy Ammo Wear bullet casing jewelry, because you are showing your support for one of your hobbies, and the 2nd Amendment. Nothing speaks louder that you love this great country and the freedom that goes with it than sporting a beautiful piece of bullet casing jewelry. If you and our loved ones believe in America and in gun rights, buy a piece of Ammo Wear!

Help Them Channel Their Inner Badass

Nothing makes someone feel more like a badass, than when they are sporting bullet casing jewelry. When your loved one’s wear their Ammo Wear, they will immediately feel confident, sexy, and badass. And if we’re honest, we should all find our inner confident self that is waiting to be expressed!

Get your shopping done early this holiday season with Ammo Wear’s bullet casing jewelry! Have questions about any of our jewelry? Contact us today!