Ammo Wear’s Bullet Casing Jewelry and Holiday Gifts: One Stop Shop!

Ammo Wear is your one-stop shop for all your Christmas gift shopping. We have bullet casing jewelry for every member of the family! But why buy Ammo Wear for your loved ones this Christmas? Something For Everyone Have trouble finding something for everyone for the holiday gift-giving? Buy Ammo Wear’s bullet casing jewelry for your special someones! We have something for every person in your family, even those who are the most difficult to buy for. We carry simple bullet casing earrings that can be customized with a Swarovski crystal birthstone: Maybe buy your sisters who always compare their gifts, matching earrings, but set with their own birthstone. Struggling to find that gift for dad? Ammo Wear also has bullet...

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Our Ammo Wear Story

I started working with my hands as a kid in my dad’s lawnmower shop where we often made our own tools and parts. I no longer repair mowers, but still enjoy creating things with my hands and making people smile. I cut, filed and cleaned my early bullet stud earrings fully by hand, which took a long time. I still cut all bullet casing jewelry by hand, but over the months, I’ve had to become more efficient to increase inventory for gun shows. All jewelry is made from spent (used) bullet casings. Primer cups are removed and the casings and primer cups are then thoroughly cleaned. The bottom of the casing is cut off, sanded and all sharp edges are...

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